Our Facilities

Consulting facilities: – fully equipped private consulting rooms with computerised record keeping and management system throughout the surgery which also generates reminders.

Weighing Scales: - available for all sizes for monitoring purposes and weight control.

Surgery laboratory: - equipment including microscopes providing a range of in house tests giving rapid results to aid making a prompt diagnosis, patient monitoring, breeding, etc.

Blood analysis: - In house equipment to provide rapid blood results, including blood cell counts, biochemical markers and common hormones to aid a rapid diagnosis, patient monitoring, pre- anaesthetic assessments, geriatric monitoring, etc.

External Laboratories: - Easy access to numerous external laboratories for further testing.

Imaging: – Digital radiography and Ultrasonography for viewing bones, including hip and elbow dysplasia schemes and internal organs, including pregnancy scans.

Surgery: - fully equipped operating theatres with gaseous anaesthesia and anaesthetic monitoring to perform a large range of surgical procedures.

Dentistry: - full range of dental equipment including ultrasonic scalers, polishers and air powered high speed drills.

Hospital Ward: - A range of custom built kennels and cages to accommodate and monitor in-patients

Isolation Facilities: - separate accommodation to treat and monitor pets with contagious diseases

Parking: - Ample local parking.

Dog Grooming: - In The Dog House situated behind the Coventry Surgery provides a full dog grooming service (refer to Links)