Our Services

The following is not a comprehensive or complete list of our services so please contact us with any further enquiries.

Consultations – The consultation period gives you time discuss any problems or issues with your pet which can hopefully be resolved or treated. Prices are reduced for 2nd animals and subsequent consultations for the same problem. Consultations and treatment can be for the common pet species for example dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, small rodents and birds, etc but we are also able to discuss seeing any other less common and exotic species.

General Healthcare – Advice can be given on keeping your pet fit and well.

Emergencies – emergencies can be assessed hospitalised or managed as the situation requires. Please phone and notify us that you will be arriving with an emergency so we are prepared.

Microchips – animals can be microchipped and this is discounted when carried out with another procedure. Please note all dogs must be microchipped by 6th April 2016 by law.

Vaccinations – we carry out all routine vaccinations for dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets and these usually include a free health check and a chance to discuss any problems. Also we have rabies vaccine for pet travel and export.

Flea and external parasite control solutions – we can discuss and advise you on the best methods of treatment, prevention and control of fleas and other parasites.

Worming advice and solutions - we can discuss and advise you on the best methods of treatment, prevention and control of worms and other internal parasites.

Weight Control – we can advise on weight loss and weight control programmes including feeding advice.

Neutering we can advise on the need, benefits and timing of neutering in all pets.

Second opinions – we can offer second opinion appointments on existing and ongoing problems with your pet.

Claw/Nail Clipping.

Dematting – we are able to dematt pets with or without sedatives as the situation requires.

Pet Travel and Export – we are able to advise on and perform requirements for pet travel and export including providing Pet Passports.

Travel Sickness & anxiety advice and therapy can be given on this common problem.

Management and stabilisation of long term illness – for example diabetes, epilepsy, arthritis, incontinence, allergy, etc.

Behaviour and Training – advice can be given on modifying behaviour, dealing with problem behaviour and training.

Referrals – we can facilitate the process to obtain specialist advice or referrals for your pet.

Cremation – we are able to advise and help with your requirements after the loss of a pet including burial or individual cremation .



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