Our Prices


Please note all prices are inclusive of VAT. Any prices quoted for procedures are estimates only.

The cost of treatment could vary depending on exactly what treatment is required and this may not be known at the time prices are quoted. We will try to keep you informed of any changes required.

Prices correct at 1st April 2015


Initial Consultations:
Examination Dog or cat: £26.50
Examination Rabbit: £20.00
Examination small pets: £17.50
Vaccination (all include free health checks and advice):
Full Puppy Course: £40.00
Full Kitten Course: £45.00
(Feline flu, enteritis & leukaemia)
Dog Booster: £30.00
Cat Booster: £30.50
(Feline flu, enteritis & leukaemia)
Rabbit Vaccination: £30.00
(Myxomatosis & VHD)
Kennel cough vaccinations for dogs are discounted when given with routine vaccinations.
All microchips are discounted when given at vaccinations or during any procedure.
Pregnancy scan: £25.00
Pet Passport: £30.00
>> Please contact us regarding any prices not listed for a quote.