A consultation at Bell & Partners

A consultation at Bell & Partners

We pride ourselves on offering a warm and friendly welcome to all clients and their pets. If you are looking for advice or have any worries about your pet, then the first place to start will be with a consultation with one of our vets.

Call the surgery now on 02476 602564 to book an appointment.

The consultation period gives you time to raise any concerns that you have about your pet and enables the vet to fully examine them and assess the problem. The vet will then discuss with you their findings and advise if any further investigation or treatment is required.

We have some of the latest veterinary technologies available at the surgery to help diagnose what the problem may be. Your pet may need any of the following:


All X-rays are carried out on site here at our Coventry surgery, by trained professionals so we can quickly diagnose and treat.


Ultra-sound procedures are also carried out on site, so we can act quickly on anything we may find.

Blood tests

All blood tests are carried out here too, so any results are available the same day.

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