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Don't panic. An emergency with your pet can be a frightening experience but we're here to help - call us on 02476 602564. Please don't fill in the web form, especially out-of-hours, as we may not get this until the next working day. For more information on dealing with an emergency, visit our Emergencies page.
We prefer to see all pets at the surgery where all of the facilities are at hand. However, in extreme circumstances we may be able to assist - please contact us to discuss further.
Our facilities at the surgery are extensive and almost all treatments and operations are carried out on-site by our experienced Veterinary Surgeons. In rare cases, it may be necessary for your pet to be referred to a specialist. However, this will still be done through Bell & Partners and all on-going care will be delivered here at the surgery.
We are familiar with dealing with specialists on your behalf and co-ordinating the treatment within the surgery. The need to engage a specialist and the options available would be discussed with you fully before any arrangements were made. The referral would be made through Bell & Partners and all on-going care would be managed here at the surgery.
For ongoing medical conditions, it is sometimes necessary to provide regular medication. This will need to be approved by our vets after a consultation. Please contact reception to discuss any repeat medication.
The surgery is open for advice and consultations weekdays from 8.30am until 6.30pm and Saturdays from 9.00am to 12.00pm. We also offer 24 hour emergency care - please call us on the main number, 02476 602564, to receive this assistance.
If you have any concerns over your pet's wellbeing, then be sure to contact us. Our team on reception will be happy to receive your call and seek the necessary assistance for you.
We have treated all sorts of pets! We treat a wide range of different species, including exotic pets.
Losing a pet is heartbreaking. Our team at Bell & Partners can help you through this difficult time and advise on your options. If required, we can help arrange a cremation for you with a trusted company that we have used for many years.
We can treat wild animals as an emergency, but we usually signpost to you to charities that specialise in care for these animals. See our wild animal care page for more information.
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