Feeding your pet...

Feeding your pet...

Choosing what to feed your animal can be confusing as there are so many products on the market.

Choose a feed from a reputable brand that will have made sure that the product is well balanced and providing the right amount of nutrients for your pet's needs.

It is important to feed according to your pet's needs - so for example, with rabbits and guinea pigs the diet will include a variety of fresh greens and some good quality hay.

Do not feed leftovers to your pets. Our requirements as humans are very different to our pets and some of our food can even be poisonous to our pets.

Feeding the right amount of food is also a key part of maintaining a healthy weight for your pet. Follow the advice on the packet and be sure to know your pet's weight so you can be confident that you are being accurate in the amount of food you give. We have scales available for you to use free of charge in our waiting room at the surgery.

If you are still unsure what to feed your pet, or have any concerns over your pet's weight or eating habits, get in touch so we can make you an appointment with one of our vets.


Some of your questions answered

How much should I feed my pet?

It is important to feed your pet according to the amount recommended for their weight, breed and build. Feeding the right amount will help to maintain their weight. We recommend weighing your pet regularly to ensure they are a suitable weight and getting the right amount of food.

Can I feed my food scraps to my pet?

You should not feed you leftovers to your pet. Our requirements as humans are very different to those of our pets and some of our foods can even be poisonous to our pets. You should feed your pet a 'complete' feed that has the right balance of nutrients for their needs.

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