Fireworks and Animals

Fireworks and Animals

Modern fireworks are bigger and louder than ever. They can be terrifying for humans, let alone for your pets that have no idea what is going on.

There are many things that you can do to help your pets cope with fireworks:

  • Keep pets indoors if you think fireworks may be set off
  • Turn on a radio or music player to mask the noise
  • Keep your pets away from windows, ideally in a room without any
  • Make sure your pet has company and is not left alone

If your pet still struggles to cope, they may need a little extra help. There are a number of things that your vet can suggest to reduce the stress of a fireworks phobia:

  • Plug in diffusible calming agents, pheromones for example
  • Neutroceutical and herbal oral calming agents, such as scullcap and valerian
  • Thundershirts
  • Desensitisation procedures
  • Pharmaceutical drugs

For more information and support with firework phobias, please call us on 02476 602564.


Some of your questions answered

Will music help distract my pet?

Yes. Playing music, turning up the TV or making other reassuring noises like running a bath or shower can help mask the noise of fireworks and reduce the stress for your pet.

What are thundershirts and how can they help my dog?

Thundershirts are a coat that your dog wears which produces a gentle, constant pressure that has a notable calming effect for most dogs if they are fearful or anxious.

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