Support when losing a pet

Support when losing a pet

Losing a much-loved pet can be heartbreaking. Deciding when the time is right to say goodbye is one of the hardest things an owner will ever have to face.

Your vet will be there to support you throughout these difficult moments. They will be able to help you make an informed decision on your pet's future, offering guidance on things like:

  • Whether your pet is in pain
  • If any further treatment is available
  • What quality of life your pet may have

When the time comes for your pet to be put to sleep, before anything happens the veterinary team will discuss your wishes with you. You can decide whether or not you want to be with your pet and how you want to say goodbye.

If you would like to have your pet cremated, your veterinary practice will be able to arrange that for you. Owners can be concerned about how they will know that the ashes that they receive will be those of their pet - most veterinary practices will be able to recommend a trusted service that they can rely on to deliver your pet safely back to you. At Bell & Partners we have a business that we have worked with for many years and that members of our team have used themselves.

There are many options available for remembering your pet. Some of the options you may like to consider are:

  • A memorial stone for your garden
  • A drawing or painting of your pet
  • Jewellery made from your pet's ashes
  • A picture frame that holds some of your pet's ashes

Talking to other owners who have been through the same thing can really help during those early days of losing a pet - and remember that your vet and the team at the practice are also here to support you.


Some of your questions answered

Can I be there with my pet at the end?

Of course. We always aim to fit in with the owners wishes and your vet will discuss with you what you would like to happen. Our team will support you through this challenging time whatever you decide.

What happens to my pet after they pass away?

Our team will discuss with you what you would like to happen when your pet passes away. If you would like to have your pet cremated, we can arrange that for you.

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