Pet travel and passports

Pet travel and passports

When looking to travel abroad with your pet, there are a number of preparations you need to make...

Before you do anything else you need to ask yourself, will my pet cope with a long journey? If you have concerns, this is something that you can discuss with your vet.

Once you have made the decision to travel with your pet, you need to research the requirements of the country you are travelling to:

  • What vaccinations will your pet need?
  • What diseases are prevalent in that country?
  • Will your pet need to be quarantined?
  • What are the laws on pet ownership in that country? Will a dog need to wear a muzzle in public, for example.

The UK is currently part of the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS), which means it is possible for us to travel with our pets freely between EU countries (and a number of other countries) without the need for quarantine - providing your pet meets the necessary health requirements and you are in possession of a pet passport.

This could change post 31st December 2020 at the end of the Brexit transition period, so please check for any amendments.

Passport to travel - For your pet to be able to travel with you, you will need to get a pet passport. This can be issued there and then during a consultation with your vet and you will be able to walk out with the passport. However, you will not be able to travel until 3 weeks after the passport is issued, so be sure to plan ahead.

Bell & Partners is a registered provider of pet passports and our vets are knowledgeable in the requirements for travelling animals abroad.

For more information on travelling with your pet, call us on 02476 602564.


Some of your questions answered

What vaccinations will my pet need to travel abroad?

The vaccinations required will depend on the country you are travelling to and the species of your pet. The most common vaccine required is Rabies.

Will my pet need a passport to travel?

Yes. Your pet will need a pet passport for travel outside of the UK. A passport can be obtained from a registered provider of pet passports, like Bell & Partners.

How long will it take to get a passport?

Your passport will be issued there and then at the appointment with your vet. However, you will have to wait three weeks before travel.

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